Safeguarding Your Valuables: Essential Maintenance Tips for Biometric Safes in Dubai

Be it in London, Mumbai, Dubai, New York, or Sydney, when there are valuables in a house or an office, ensuring their safety is important. And what can be better than investing in a high-quality, leading biometric safe in Dubai or a digital safe?

Biometric safes, or even smart safes, as they are popularly called, are an excellent method of safeguarding valuables and averting burglaries for individuals who value their privacy and have a heightened need for securing their valuables. From passports, valuable papers, family heirlooms, and cash to digital devices and trade secrets, all of these are best kept secure in a biometric safe like the biometric Booil safe in Dubai.

However, just buying a safe is not enough; it is essential to properly tend to and care for your biometric safe in the UAE once you have bought it. To keep your digital device functioning as intended, periodic maintenance is essential. You won’t be able to depend on it to protect your belongings while you are away if it doesn’t work properly. Even the most advanced security systems need to be regularly tested to ensure they are operating as intended. Follow along till the end of this blog as Zayani & Co., which is one of the leading distributors and retailers of biometric safes in Dubai and the UAE, shares essential tips for safe maintenance.

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How to Regularly Check Your Safe?

Booil and Godrej safes in Dubai are two of the best alternatives among biometric smart safes that you can find in the entire Middle East and invest in. These safes are designed and manufactured to last an eternity and have a large number of security features that no other smart safe offers. Investing in a home safe locker or a safe box bought from Zayani & Co. keeps you linked to your belongings no matter where you are. When you complete your routine check on your safe, there are a few things you should look at to be sure they still function properly.

As a layman, you can give your safe a visual inspection every few months to see any physical signs of damage or anyone who has tried to break it open. If you see any vital signs of damage, it is best to connect with an authorized service center and get the safe maintained and recalibrated. When it comes to keeping your safe box maintained, there are a few things you should look for:

  • Life of the battery
  • Problems with connectivity
  • problems with fingerprint recognition
  • electronic damage, if any

Checking your safe regularly guarantees that it is still protecting your valuables. When doing a routine inspection of your safe, keep the following points in mind:

  • Ensure the Life of Your Electronic Safe Battery is Optimum

The reason we urge people to buy their digital safe boxes or biometric safes from reputable brands like Godrej and Booil is that unknown brands don’t have batteries that last long. A very common issue found in biometric safes on the market is that these safes run out of power frequently because the batteries are designed to last no more than six months. Whereas the safes in Dubai that you buy from Zayani & Co. come equipped with either rechargeable batteries or batteries that last a long period. These robust battery systems eliminate the need to replace batteries regularly and keep them operating smoothly for a longer period.

Battery life is not a major concern for buyers who buy their fingerprint safe from Zayani & Co. because our safes employ both a backup rechargeable battery and a power converter in case of a power outage. To make sure the battery is green and ready for any emergency, you can quickly check the battery life.

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  • Check the Efficiency of the Fingerprint Recognition System

Your smart safe’s biometric component, which is fingerprint-safe, needs to be kept spotless and free of dents, dings, and scratches at all times. You may frequently touch this region, leaving prints and smudges that can cause scanning issues. The best approach to keeping your lock quick and handy is to dust it off sometimes or wipe it down with a fresh microfiber cloth. Unlike conventional safes, the biosafe from Godrej and Booil available with Zayani & Co. has a biometric mechanism that allows you to scan your fingerprint from any angle. You can make sure your safe opens promptly whenever you need to access your belongings by keeping your screen clean.

  • Check the Connectivity of Your Bio Safe in Dubai

Make sure your safe in Dubai has a steady internet connection if it is equipped with mobile device connectivity. When you are on the go, you can stay in touch with your belongings with the Android and iOS connectivity apps that most bio-safes from Godrej and Booil have. By taking this action, you can be extremely secure and sure that your possessions are not being handled or tampered with. During your routine check, make sure the safes are connected to your WiFi so you can use all of their functions, especially in case of an emergency.

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  • Take a thorough look at Electronics of Your Biometric Safe in Dubai

    Digital safe boxes must be kept free and away from liquids that could harm the console or make it impossible for it to open and close. Water damage could harm electrical components and make it more challenging to utilize the biometric scanner to access your fingerprint safely. Safes bought from Zayani & Co. have temperature and humidity sensors, unlike other solutions, so you may be instantly informed of any potential damage.

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