Conquer Your Paperwork: The Ultimate Guide to Buying Filing Cabinets in Dubai

No matter how much we try to manage, paperwork in offices tends to be overflowing at all times. To say things get messy is an understatement. With papers overflowing the office, everything gets cluttered, from acquiring new customers to finding an important document from the former records.

However, there is one solution to end this clutter, and that is to invest in high-quality filing cabinets in Dubai. From a fireproof file cabinet to fire drawers and even an entire metal cupboard, you can buy a lot of these things to organize your paperwork efficiently in the office. To help you buy filing cabinets that fulfill all your office requirements and give you peace of mind, Zayani & Co., which is a leading retailer and distributor of Godrej fire-proof cabinets, will take you through a detailed guide to buying filing cabinets in Dubai. So read this entire blog post, till the end, and do share it with your colleagues and friends to help them have an organized workplace.

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Choose the Right Type of Filing Cabinets

Filing cabinets come in various types, shapes, and sizes, and knowing the different types will help you buy one that fulfills your needs. Go through the different types of filing cabinets that we have below:

Lateral Filing Cabinets

The shallow, wide drawers found in lateral file cabinets are perfect for large-capacity filing. Lateral file cabinets are excellent for hallways and spaces that need a lot of filing in a small area because of their modest drawer extensions. The majority of lateral file cabinets are between 32 and 36 inches wide, which allows them to accommodate documents that are either letter- or legal-size and can be stacked from front to back or side by side. Lateral file cabinets come with two, three, or seven drawers; the majority of the two-drawer models are sufficiently low-profile to rest beneath a work table. You can find fire-rated storage cabinets in lateral sizes at Zayani & Co. in Dubai.

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Vertical Filing Cabinets

Drawers in vertical file cabinets are typically 15 to 20 inches wide, and they are deep but narrow. Vertical file cabinets usually hold fewer documents and are excellent for regular use in a personal workspace, whereas lateral file cabinets are best for high-capacity, long-term use. Vertical file cabinets occupy less wall space than shallow lateral file cabinets; however, opening the deep drawers requires greater clearance. Documents and papers are easily susceptible to fire, so when you buy them, ensure you invest in fireproof storage cabinets.

Mobile Filing Cabinets

Large offices need to transfer documents from one room to another. If this is what you need for your office, then mobile filing cabinets are the right thing for you. File cabinets that have wheels are known as mobile file cabinets. Larger mobile file cabinets are available, although most of the alternatives have only one or two drawers to fit under work surfaces. This type of filing cabinet is nearly always vertical. A fifth wheel on the bottom drawer of many mobile file cabinets provides further stability, and the casters are frequently lockable to secure the cabinet in place while it is not moving. As we mentioned earlier, along with mobile, ensure your cabinets are fire-rated filing cabinets. That way, you will have peace of mind and protection from fire.

Side Tab Cabinets

File folders are seen in side-tab file cabinets vertically as opposed to horizontally. Side tab file cabinets, which are frequently used in medical record-keeping, facilitate easy access to information by enabling users to quickly locate a name on a folder tab. Side-tab file cabinets might have swinging doors or no doors at all. Some people prefer to buy fireproof drawers rather than side-tab drawers; both of these have their respective benefits and drawbacks.

Island Cabinets

Combining any kind of filing cabinet and/or storage cabinet with a work surface that is counter-height is called a storage island. Ideal between employee workstations are storage islands. In addition to being wonderful touch points for informal meetings and cooperation, they also make good storage solutions. If your office is smaller, rather than investing in a separate fireproof drawer safe, investing in an island cabinet can be very helpful.

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The Construction of Filing Cabinets

Filing cabinets are constructed from different materials. Some work best in one condition, while others don’t. We will see different constructions of cabinets below.

Metal Filing Cabinets

Usually composed of galvanized steel, metal file cabinets are the most robust choice. These cabinets have a pretty high capacity, and filing becomes way easier using this type. Metal filing cabinets are typically used in accounting offices and other locations where documents are retained for longer periods. Metal filing cabinets aren’t thought to be the most aesthetically pleasing, but they do come in a variety of colors that you may match to your office’s decor. You can find a variety of designs in Godrej fire-proof cabinets with Zayani & Co.

Metal filing cabinets are also designed in such a way that they provide protection from water and fire damage for extended periods and are constructed with specialized insulation. These cabinets are made to guard against water damage from office sprinkler systems, in addition to protecting documents from fire damage.

Laminated Cabinets

Although laminate furniture can be created to resemble real wood, it is composed of particle board, sometimes with a wood grain pattern. With a cheap alternative to veneer and real wood, laminated filing cabinets have the appearance of real wood without the hefty price tag. A thin coating of genuine wood is adhered to a thicker layer of pressboard to create wood veneer. This is less expensive than solid wood furniture but still has a more upscale appearance than laminate. These filing cabinets in Dubai have become quite popular recently.

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Solid Wood Cabinets

Although solid wood is highly expensive and requires a lot of upkeep, it is also of excellent quality. However, these aren’t fireproof cabinets.

According to the type and construction described above, one can buy filing cabinets that fulfill all requirements.

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