6 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Safes

Nothing in the world is indestructible, and neither are the safes in your office or home. However, safes do have a long life and can even last two to three generations. Especially when you buy Godrej or Booil safes in Dubai from reputable retailers like Zayani & Co., you can rest assured that your kids might need to replace them.

As we all know, a trustworthy safe is the final line of defense for your belongings. It is an essential part of the security architecture for your house, store, or place of business. Despite their reputation for being sturdy, some safes might not survive forever. In this blog post, Zayani & Co. will further take you over six important signs that point to whether it might be time to upgrade your safe or not. Whether you own a jewelry store, manage a small business, or just cherish your possessions, maintaining an updated safe is crucial for optimum security and safety. So let’s get started, and do share this blog with your friends and family.

Age: Check if Your Safe is Old

As we have mentioned above, a safe scan easily lasts a couple of generations. Especially when your safes are purchased from brands like Godrej, which have been in business for over a century now. Old safes have very simple mechanisms, which in modern times are easy to break. Another reason why experts recommend replacing old safes is that rating systems have been used for rating safes for the last 20–25 years. Safes with more than this have no rating. Storing your valuables in such safes may put them at risk.

If you own a vintage safe, then it may be time to start looking for newer options. You may browse through the product pages of the Zayani & Co. website and see the different Booil and Godrej safes in Dubai that we have. Alternatively, you can even visit our store and check out our collection of safes for yourself. You can even request a call back from our team, and we will guide you in whichever way you prefer.

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Get Your Safe’s Testing Done

Even if your safe is older, you may use it. However, before you start storing your valuables in the safe, getting them tested will be a good idea because not every safe that is sold goes through extensive testing. The degree of protection your safe offers is guaranteed by proper testing, which is essential. You can rest assured when you buy a Godrej safe in Dubai from Zayani & Co., as Godrej is a reputable brand, and we also make sure all parameters are in place before we ship our safes.

Testing ensures that valuables kept in your safe box in Dubai will be safe in all adverse conditions. The dependability of safes is mostly dependent on accredited laboratories, such as the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) in India, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) in the US, and the European Certification Body (ECB•S) in Europe. If your old safe isn’t tested or you are planning to replace it and buy a new one, then select safes that bear certification labels from reliable testing companies at all times. With Zayani & Co., you will find safes that are branded, properly tested, and carry all certifications.

Physical Signs or Wear and Tear

Your safe is a type of mechanical device. Similar to any mechanical device or piece of equipment, safes are subject to wear and tear with prolonged use. When signs of deterioration such as rust, loose hinges, or damaged locking mechanisms start appearing, it’s time to start planning the replacement of your old safes in Dubai. Safes that have signs of wear and tear may compromise the security of the contents and the integrity of the safe. Even minor damages can weaken its ability to withstand forced entry attempts. Regular inspection of your safe’s physical condition is essential, and if you notice any signs of wear and tear, it’s advisable to consider upgrading to a more durable and robust model.

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No Protection from Fire or Water Damage

Accidents may occur at any time, and fire outbreaks or water damage are two accidents that can adversely affect the contents that are stored in your safe. Protection against aforementioned unforeseen disasters, such as fire or water damage, is essential to ensuring the safety of things stored in your safe. The majority of older safes lack sufficient fire or water resistance, leaving them vulnerable in emergencies. You may consider upgrading to a fire-resistant safe in Dubai that has certified fire and water resistance ratings provided along with it. The fire ratings work as an added layer of protection, ensuring that your valuables remain intact even in the event of a disaster. You may contact Zayani & Co. and inquire about the different fire safes available with us.

Your Safe is Over Stuffed

As businesses grow, the requirement to store valuables increases. Similarly, in homes, as time passes, the amount of total number of valuables will always increase, leaving your safe smaller. As your collection of valuables grows, your existing safe may no longer hold all your items adequately. When you overstuff your safe, it can lead to potential damage to your valuables. It can also become increasingly difficult to organize your valuables effectively in the safe. Upgrading to a larger safe in Dubai with ample capacity will ensure that you have sufficient space to store your valuables securely. Additionally, consider the dimensions of the safe to accommodate larger items, such as documents or electronic devices, without compromising on security.

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Changing Business Requirements

Technology and our requirements are always changing. Think about whether your safe meets the needs of your business right now. You may not require a huge, conventional safe if you have switched to keeping vital papers digitally. Compact, contemporary safes provide strong protection and are made of cutting-edge materials, saving space without sacrificing security. Examine modern safe designs that have been produced in the previous ten years for both looks and practicality.


These are six crucial signs that may require you to upgrade your safe in Dubai. If they start appearing for you, it’s time you contact Zayani &Co. and place an order for a brand-new safe for your house or business.

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