Furnishing Your Learning Space: Essential Classroom & College Furniture for Dubai

Every school, college, and educational institute needs high-quality furniture for various purposes. From desks and chairs to library and laboratory furniture, there are various requirements. The learning environment in which students learn largely affects how they learn and how attentive they stay. Comfortable desks for children enhance their attention span and create a positive learning environment for them.

Not only children, but the classroom of a reputable education institute must also include aesthetic and comfortable furniture for the teachers. Each classroom in Dubai must have two essential pieces of furniture: desks and chairs for teachers. In this blog post, Zayani & Co. will walk you through essential furniture pieces that schools and colleges in Dubai must invest in. So read till the end and share with your classmates, teachers, and colleagues.

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Student Desks

Desks for students are a very natural and obvious piece of furniture that every classroom must have. Without student tables and chairs, a modern-day classroom cannot exist. However, many school desks aren’t made of good-quality material, and they may make the learning environment for kids a bit difficult. At Zayani & Co., we suggest you purchase school desks for kids that are made of metal so they last for years without deteriorating or getting damaged. In our store, we have stocks of Godrej metal school desks that have ergonomic designs, which make sitting and learning on them fun.

Student Chair

Student chairs are another obvious piece of furniture that is a must in every classroom in Dubai. Student chairs that you buy for your school or college’s classroom must be adjustable so that students of different heights can sit on them comfortably and yet have a clear view of the blackboard. Another important factor that must be considered when choosing a classroom chair in Dubai is the cushioning of the chair. Chairs with cushions are more likely to help students sit comfortably. Also, ensure that the chair you buy matches aesthetically with the student desk that you choose.

Interactive White Boards

Gone are the days when a teacher wasted ten minutes drawing a diagram and then ten other minutes explaining it. Today, students learn first on the tablets and phones of their parents. To keep education equally entertaining and engaging, schools must integrate technology. Schools must invest in smart boards and modern whiteboards. These boards have technology integrated into them and make learning engaging and fun for kids. Even college-going students find smart boards much better. Seeing the immense benefits, smart boards or whiteboards are a must-have in school furniture in Dubai. Additionally, experts from Zayani & Co. suggest choosing boards that are user-friendly and compatible with various software applications.

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Lockers for Storage

Storage is another important aspect that every classroom must have. Students cannot carry all their books daily to school or college, and management must consider installing storage solutions. Leading school furniture suppliers in Dubai, like Zayani & Co., suggest buying Godrej metal lockers. These lockers are spacious and durable and will last nearly five to six decades without getting damaged. If scratches or other minor damages occur, they can be easily repaired and given a new breath of life. Cabinets and shelves are the other two pieces of furniture every classroom in Dubai must have. Cabinets like the Godrej metal cabinet are easy for storing teaching materials, books, and other educational resources that are necessary for keeping the classroom organized.

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Science Laboratory Furniture

Every school must have a laboratory. Zayani & Co. has some of the best-quality lab tables in Dubai from reputable brands like Godrej. Durable workbenches with chemical-resistant surfaces are vital for conducting experiments. While buying a lab table, it must be ensured that the lab is equipped with safety stations, including eyewash stations, fire extinguishers, and fume hoods. Lab tables can be customized, and safety stations and wash stations can be added or removed from them.

Teacher Desk and Chair

When buying school furniture in the UAE, the teacher’s desk and chair must not be forgotten. A teacher must have a chair that is higher and gives him or her a clear view of the entire classroom. Metal or wood—any material is ideal for the teacher’s desk and chair. However, a metal desk and chair for a school in Dubai is perfect to beat the high temperatures of the region.

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Library Furniture

The library must have cupboards, metal cupboards, cabinets, filing cabinets, and a desk and chair for students. Floating library shelves are another piece of furniture that every library must have. Sturdy, adjustable bookshelves are essential for storing a wide range of reading materials. Additionally, comfortable chairs and tables in quiet areas can create inviting spaces for reading and study.


School furniture in Dubai must include a variety of different pieces like chairs, desks, cabinets, lab tables, library tables, filing cabinets, and storage lockers. Zayani & Co. is one of the leading school furniture suppliers in Dubai, UAE. You can buy premium-quality furniture at our stores and on our website. Contact us for more information.

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