Metal vs. Wood Office Furniture in Dubai: The Durability Showdown

The first thing that we do after buying an office space is start planning for the right furniture for it. Some people hire an interior designer, while others opt to do office furniture in Dubai by themselves. When you are doing a DIY office furniture plan, the type of chairs and desks you pick matters a lot because the foundation of every office is its furniture.

The type of filing cabinets, desks, and chairs you choose gives the office area both organization and functionality. When choosing the right style of furniture for an office, the focus must always be on the type of material used for manufacturing it. The style of the furniture and color combinations come second when it comes to office furniture. Steel and wood are the primary options when it comes to office furniture. In this blog post, Zayani & Co., which is one of the largest office furniture suppliers in Dubai, will take you through the pros and cons of buying between wooden and metal office furnishing in the UAE. So stay tuned till the end of this blog as we take you through the complete details.

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Metal Office Furniture in Dubai

As metallurgy has advanced, metal office furniture—particularly steel—has become increasingly well-known in the furniture industry. This is largely because steel furniture has two key advantages: strength and durability. Steel furniture may be manufactured in an endless variety of shapes and forms because of the production process’s flexibility. This gives you greater freedom to arrange your office space however you see fit. All things considered, metal furniture is a useful and adaptable option. Metal furniture can easily support heavy items like files, computers, and books. Metal furniture is simple to replace or fix if it gets damaged. From metal filling cabinets to cupboards for office files, office desks and chairs are all available from leading brands like Godrej in the Dubai market these days. Along with being stylish and easily maintainable, Godrej office furniture in Dubai is available at very affordable costs with reputable retailers like Zayani & Co.,

Wood Office Furniture in Dubai

Since ancient times, wood has been the most commonly used material for all types of furnishings, including office furniture in Dubai. Even in the Middle East and the UAE, wooden furniture has been a pretty popular choice for offices.

As compared to metal furniture, wooden furniture is a bit more costly to manufacture, and thus its retail prices are a bit higher too. Wood furniture typically lends itself well to color or shaping, creating a pleasant appearance for the workspace. In terms of material strength, longevity, and durability, they are comparable to metal furniture. Office furniture made of wood occasionally weighs much more than that made of metal. Remember the kind of wood and finish that you like. Particle boards, for example, are a weaker wood that may need to be changed more often, increasing overall expenditures. Particle boards are more prone to deterioration than materials such as solid wood. Depending on your office design, a more modern metal look might be more appealing than a classic wood one.

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Let Us Further Compare Metal and Wood Furniture According to Factors

Aesthetic Appeal

  • Metal Furniture

When it comes to aesthetic appeal in modern times, metal offers a cleaner and more elegant look as compared to wood furniture. Today, people embrace minimalist styles and designs. Such designs can be easily created with metal. From metal cupboards to office chairs and desks Zayani & Co. has many brands and many styles to offer in metal office furniture.

  • Wood Furniture

Wood furniture is suitable for offices that want to go for a classic and vintage look. The texture of the wood, the colors, and the overall appearance of the wood are well-suited for offices that want to look posh and upscale. However, similar effects can be easily created using metal furniture pieces as well, and that too at a fraction of the cost. Some offices prefer to have all the furniture made up of metal and get wooden desk chairs in Dubai to add to the comfort.

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Durability and Maintenance

  • Metal Furniture

When it comes to durability, whether you buy a steel cupboard for filing in an office or a metal office table desk in Dubai, the durability of metal furnishings is much greater than that of wooden or other furniture pieces. Metal furniture is incredibly durable and resistant to wear and tear. It can withstand heavy use and is less likely to dent or scratch compared to wood. Also, metal furniture is easy to clean and take care of. You can simply wipe it with a dust cloth or a wet wipe, and metal furniture will be clean.

  • Wood Furniture

High-quality wood furniture can last for decades with proper care. However, it is more prone to scratches and dents, which can add character but may also require occasional refinishing. Wood furniture requires more maintenance than metal. It needs regular dusting and occasional polishing to maintain its luster. Protecting it from moisture and direct sunlight is also crucial to prevent warping and fading, which is not the case with metal furniture bought from Zayani & Co.,

Environmental Impact

  • Metal Furniture

Metals like steel, aluminum, and others can be easily recycled several times. These make metal furniture an environmentally friendly choice. However, the initial ore extraction process for metal can impact the environment. So if you are looking for a cabinet to store your office files in Dubai, then a steel filing cabinet is the best choice.

  • Wood Furniture

Wood is sourced from trees, and in the last couple of decades, cutting down trees and reducing forests has given rise to global warming and other extremely harmful environmental impacts. However, since wood is biodegradable at the end of its life, it can easily biodegrade without being a source of pollution.

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Wood and metal both have their pros and cons when it comes to office furniture in Dubai. Looking at the above points, it is safe to say that if you want affordable, long-lasting, and easily maintainable office furniture, then metal can be the best choice. Call Zayani & Co. for more details.

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