6 Key Factors to Consider When Buying Safe & Lockers in Dubai

For many households, purchasing a safe might be an expensive but necessary investment. Although the various crime surveys indicate a decline in thefts of personal goods, on average, over 600,000 offenses of theft and burglary are committed each year in metro cities across the world. However, public infrastructure, judicial systems, and other systems are very strong in Dubai and the UAE, yet you must protect your valuables from theft as well as from natural elements like rain and storms. A safe and a home locker are two of the best investments that you can consider for safeguarding your valuables.

For the reasons noted above, it is crucial to safeguard your valuables, which include jewelry, phones, laptops, cash, keys, and essential documents. When placed in a safe, these goods are out of the reach of potential robbers, who would take whatever they could. But how do you know what is safe to buy when there are so many options? That is why to help you out Zayani & Co. LLC, which is one of the largest distributors of Godrej safes in the UAE, has shared the six factors you must consider when buying a safe in Dubai.

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Consider Your Valuables, What Will You Be Putting In Your Safe?

When you plan to buy safes in Dubai, start by thinking about what you will be keeping in the safe. Will it be documents, jewels, electronics, or cash? Another factor that you have to consider here is: will the safe be used for bigger stuff like a laptop or a pistol, or will it only be for pricey jewelry? You may determine how big or tiny the safe needs to be by determining exactly what you need to store safely in it. Certain safes are big and can be custom-built, while others are smaller and can be concealed beneath the floor. These safes are made expressly to hold cash or jewelry. Depending on your requirements, you can pick a safe box in Dubai.

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The Size of the Safe

Home safes in Dubai come in a variety of sizes, which is why you must measure the area where you want to keep your safe. You need to be sure that the safe you buy will fit in the space or room you have designated.

Make sure your belongings will fit in by double-checking the internal measurements. Some safes have a larger difference between the internal and external measurements, which is typically caused by the width of the panels but may also take into account built-in ancillaries like shelving. You may need to consider installation and room access if you decide on a huge safe. Is it possible to move the safe around the premises without much difficulty, or will a crane be required to deliver it via a window? Consider all these factors before you proceed with buying your desired Godrej safe in Dubai.

The Insurance Cover or the Cash Rating Of The Safe

In the world of safes and lockers, there is a cash rating assigned to each safe. The amount of cash that can be kept in the safe for insurance purposes is specified by this rating. Even when you buy fire-resistant safes or electronic safes, they will have a cash rating. Other valuables that fit inside the safe usually have a value ten times higher than the cash rating, but make sure to check with your insurance provider. For example, you can keep either AED 5,000 in cash or AED 50,000 worth of valuables in a safe with a 5,000 cash rating. For a safe to receive AIS approval, insurers will need it. Therefore, before making your final purchase, it’s necessary to inquire about the requirements required by your insurers. You can get all the detailed information when you visit any of the Zayani & Co. LLC stores. Our team will guide you with cash ratings and any other concerns you have related to buying a safe in Dubai.

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Consider Possible Threat

There are several reasons you may want to use a safe; one could be to protect your valuables against cyber-attacks, burglaries, and fires. Depending on the model, fireproof safes in Dubai may safeguard your belongings and paper documents for anywhere between 30 and 180 minutes while maintaining an inside temperature below 177ºC. Some safes can be equipped with unique barrier materials to fend off different kinds of attacks, and they are specifically designed to withstand a determined onslaught. Counter-safes are used in retail settings to prevent smash-and-grab raids by lowering the quantity of cash held in the tills. On the other hand, specialized computer equipment cabinets and safes are made to shield your phones and other electronic devices from harmful cyberattacks. Depending upon the possible threat, you can choose amongst a safe box in Dubai, a fire safe, an electronic safe, a cash box, or a vault. For further detailed assistance, you can visit Zayani & Co., LLC.

The Type of Locking Mechanism You Want

Ready accessibility is another factor you must consider before you invest in a safe in Dubai. You will need to be able to readily and hassle-freely access your belongings while keeping them safe from trespassers and potential criminals. Safes can be locked using a wide variety of methods, including pin codes, keys, and biometric information. Carefully pick a locking mechanism that suits your needs in the best way, and then accordingly, buy a safe.

Your Supplier

Although there are numerous safes available, we always suggest buying from a reliable supplier who has earned accreditation as a safe provider. Reliable suppliers like Zayani & Co. LLC can advise you on the model that best meets your requirements and complies with your insurer’s requirements.

Apart from this, many other factors can be crucial in helping you make the right decision to buy a safe. We suggest you visit Zayani & Co. LLC. personally to make an informed buying decision for your safe purchase.

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