What is Better? Among Bank Lockers vs. Home Safes

When we are searching for security solutions for storing our valuables, we want to ensure that they are safe from theft as well as calamities like fire or flood. Unlike the old days, today we have multiple security options to choose from. We can either store our valuables in a bank locker or buy a home safe and store our valuables in it.

However, the big question most people face is what is better between the two. Is paying monthly rent for a bank locker worth it, or is doing a one-time investment in a high-quality Godrej home safe in Dubai a better option? In this blog, Zayani & Co., which is a major distributor of Godrej, Booil, and other reputable safe brands in the UAE, will walk you through the pros and cons of bank lockers and home safes. So read this blog till the end, and do share it with your friends, family, and colleagues who are facing a similar decision-making situation.

1. Charges

Bank Lockers

As we have already mentioned above, getting a bank locker involves fixed monthly charges. The charges can vary from a few AEDs to even thousands of AEDs each month. The charges entirely depend on the size of the locker and the duration for which you want to have it. Secondarily, many banks insist on having long-term deposits with them to enable locker allotment, which incurs additional costs.

Home Safes

Compared to bank lockers, home safes are a better option any day, as you don’t have to pay a fixed monthly fee every month. All you have to do is invest in a Godrej or Booil safe in Dubai for once, and you are good for at least 30–40 years ahead of you. Zayani & Co. has many different types of safes, so you can buy a safe for your use that meets your requirements and fits your budget. Rather than pay a hefty fee each month, it is wiser to invest in a safe that has a reasonable exchange or resale value as well.

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2. Locker Insurance

Bank Lockers

Many banks make it mandatory to get locker insurance before the locker owner stores their valuables in it. According to the banks, getting insurance helps in safeguarding the belongings, and in uneventful situations, the amount that matches the valuation of the locker is refunded to the locker owner. While getting insurance is a good idea and certainly adds an extra layer of protection, considering the economics, it makes no sense to pay locker fees and then additionally pay for insurance on top of it. Additionally, insurance premiums for lockers are much higher.

Home Safes

Once you invest in safes in Dubai, you may proceed ahead and get them protected with insurance. You significantly save a lot of money by putting in money just once and then getting either your safe insured or your entire house insured. Both ways, premiums will be much more affordable compared to getting bank locker insurance.

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3. Convenience

Bank Lockers

Getting a safe box in Dubai or a bank locker isn’t that convenient. Every time you need to access your jewelry, valuables, or documents, you have to visit the premises of the bank within their operating hours and then access them. It not only adds to the expense of traveling every time you need to access your valuables, but you also end up wasting a considerable amount of time on every trip you make to the property.

Home Safes

Compared to a bank locker, getting a home safe in the UAE is a much better and more convenient option. Since the safe is located within your home or office, in just a few minutes or seconds, you may access your valuables and then store them again securely. You may invest in a Godrej fire-resistant safe in Dubai or a wall-safe or digital safe according to your requirements for optimum conveniences right in your own home or other premises.

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4. Customization

Bank Lockers

The only customization that you get with bank lockers in Dubai is that you can choose the size of them. If you want a large locker, you may choose a larger or smaller one according to your needs and requirements. However, there are no other changes that you can make when you opt for a bank locker rather than a home safe in Dubai.

Home Safes

Whereas, when you decide to buy a Godrej fire-resistant home safe in Dubai, you get a lot of customization options. You can approach Zayani & Co., and our experienced team will help you customize every requirement of your safe. Rather than fitting into fixed lockers given by the bank, it is better to get exactly what you need and invest your money in it.

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Make the Right Choice Between Bank Lockers and Home Safes

Choosing between a bank locker and a home safe in Dubai shouldn’t be a tough decision after reading the above points. While we have focused on the above factors, it is also essential to note that bank lockers are a great option if you stay away from your premises quite often. However, for this, too, Zayani & Co. offers a strong installation process where your office is safe in the UAE or your home safe can’t be stolen, no matter what technique burglars use. Depending upon your budget, convenience, risk assessment, accessibility, and other similar factors, you may choose between a bank locker and a safe.

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