10 Things to Consider When Buying a Home Safe in Dubai.

Whether you want to store important documents, digital gadgets like laptops, tablets, mobile phones, or cash and precious jewelry in your home, investing in a good-quality home safe in Dubai is a must. But when buying a home safe for the first time, you may be confused and not know where to invest. Given that a safe is a considerable investment, you must carefully plan and consider a few things before purchasing one. In this blog, Zayani & Co., which is a leading distributor of Godrej safes in Dubai, will take you through 10 important things to consider when buying a home safe in Dubai. So read this blog till the end without missing any part, and do share this blog with your friends who are planning to purchase a safe as well.

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1. Not all Safes are Equal Buy one After Reading This

Booil safes in Dubai are available in a wide range of sizes and types. Many are just plain cabinets with no security against fire or burglary. Your top priorities should be the construction, metal thickness, locking mechanism type, and fire rating when purchasing a fireproof safe in Dubai.

A cabinet can be easily broken into with a large screwdriver and a common home hammer. The bodies of some safes are made of stronger, heavier 12 gauge steel; some even use steel as thick as 10 gauge or more. The construction of doors is also important. Zayani & Co. recommends that you choose a safe with a door that is at least ¼” thick with solid plate steel. You may visit Zayani & Co. stores and explore our range of home-safe, fire-resistant, and safe boxes in Dubai.

2. Carefully Pick Fire Resistant Safes

Paper documents and even modest quantities of cash are well protected from heat and smoke damage by fireproof safes. However, because many non-branded fireproof safes are built of extremely thin (16–18 gauge) metal, burglars will find them easier to breach. Easily perforated, chopped, or sawed using basic hand tools, the metal is mostly utilized to contain the fire-retardant substance. That is why Zayani & Co. recommends that you invest in high-quality fire-resistant safes from brands like Godrej or Booil.

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3. Don’t Buy a Safe with a Low Rating

These days, safes with a combination of fire and burglar ratings are referred to as composite safes or burglar fire safes. You may have the best of both worlds with these safes: security from both fire and burglary. A large number of people wish to safeguard both valuable objects and crucial documents. For these clients, a composite safe is the ideal choice. When planning to buy safes in Dubai, evaluate the highest amount and kind of items you plan to put within the safe for the next ten or more years. Why? Over time, the value of your content may increase, and the safe you initially bought may not be sufficient to safeguard it.

4. Don’t Choose Floor Safe for Protection Against Fire

Under the condition that the safe was placed on a concrete-enclosed floor, floor safes were used to provide some fire and burglary protection. Because floor safes are designed to withstand burglary attacks, they are excellent for storing valuables such as jewelry, coins, silver, gold, and other valuables. Because a floor safe is encased by concrete on five sides, most people feel it will offer superior fire protection. However, they don’t offer optimum fire protection.

5. Wall Safes are Not Meant to Store High-Value Items

Wall safes are fantastic, compact safes that fit neatly into small spaces and may be hidden, but their ability to withstand fire and theft is severely limited. Since wall safes are usually made of thin-gauge metal, they are not the best places to store valuable jewelry, coins, gold, silver, or large sums of cash. Why? All you have to do to remove the safe is use a saw to cut out the wall safe; there’s no need to use bulky tools to crack open the safe. So Zayani & Co. suggests you use specialized box safes for storing high-value items.

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6. Don’t Store Data and Photographs in Fire Resistant Safes

Media and data, such as pictures, CDs, DVDs, computer disks, tapes, etc., are prone to moisture and heat. It is not specifically designed for your average fireproof safe to guard against these threats. The purpose of a fireproof safe is to safeguard paper by maintaining an internal temperature below 350 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the key point at which paper begins to burn and char. They use steam, or moisture, within the safe as a defense mechanism. At or above 135 degrees Fahrenheit and 85% humidity, any sensitive data or media will be severely harmed or destroyed.

7. Minimum Fire Rating of the Safe

The minimum fire rating for burglary and fireproof safes should be one hour. In the case of a fire, paper or cash are usually not protected in safes with fire ratings lower than one hour. The issue is that you never know when a fire may start; it might start adjacent to your safe and continue to expose its contents to extreme heat.

8. Locking Mechanism and Anchor Point of the Safe

When buying a safe, consider an old-fashioned dial lock, as it could be one choice. Often, a digital lock is another choice for many. Faster entry is possible with digital locks, but they require batteries. The majority of safe manufacturers offer anchor points, so you can fasten the safe to the floor. If an intruder is unable to break the lock, that makes it harder for them to take it away with high-quality anchor points.

9. Your Budget

You might want to think about getting a smaller or lower-rated safe if money is tight. Since you want to save your priceless possessions, it is usually preferable to prioritize quality over pricing. Seek methods to maximize your available funds at all times.

10. Where to Place the Safe

You could place your safe under the floor or in a specially dedicated space. You can also place your safe inside your wardrobe if it’s small. Before buying a safe, when you consider its placement, you will be able to find the right space for your needs.

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