Fireproof Safes & Lockers: Are They Truly Worth the Investment?

Traditionally, it is assumed that safes and lockers are used to store jewels, cash, and precious stones or diamonds. As in the old days, these were the only things that were considered valuable and even a sound investment. However, as globalization happened, the East met the West, and as the North blended with the South, so did our trade practices and our assets.

Today in the list of valuables, we have digital data and documents denoting ownership of land, shares, and companies, along with, of course, jewels and cash as well. While getting a bank locker to store valuables is considered a good idea, investing in a reliable home and office Booil safe in Dubai is a much better alternative to the former. Documents are something that may be needed at any time, and that is why storing them in a distant locker isn’t a viable option. But when it comes to storing data and documents, one of the important features required is fire resistance.

Many people assume fire-resistant safes are only good for fire safety and serve no other purpose. In this blog, Zayani & Co., a leading distributor of Booil and Godrej fire-resistant safes in the UAE, will take you through a detailed guide to whether fire-resistant safes are worth the investment or not. So read till the end and share with all your friends.

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Let us find out whether Fireproof Safes are worth the Investment or Not

But before that let us Check What Fireproof Safes Exactly are

A fireproof safe is a security device that can resist fire without being destroyed by it. The structure of a good-quality fireproof safe consists of two walls. Typically, fire-resistant materials are used to fill the space between those walls. As a result, fire-resistant materials lower the safe’s temperature in the event of a fire and protect everything that is stored inside the safe.

Fireproof safes in Dubai are the perfect place to keep your priceless possessions intact without causing them any damage. Booil and Godrej are two of the leading global manufacturers that produce high-quality fireproof safes, lockers, and vaults according to your specifications. They can create a special, personalized safe or locker to meet your requirements. Zayani &Co. can help you get a custom-built safe designed by either of these leading brands with a seamless installation process as well.

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Are Fireproof Safes Resistant to Fire?

As we studied above, fireproof safes shield and protect their contents from flames and other calamities in case of a fire outburst. The most important factor that needs to be considered when buying a fireproof locker or safe box in Dubai is the rating given to it. Some ratings determine how safe and resistant to fire a particular safe is. Different countries have different rating systems. The higher the grade and rating given to a safe, the more protection it will offer to the belongings inside it.

Rating systems also have a sub-rating that shows how long your documents will remain safe in the locker in the event of them getting trapped in a fire. Most of the box safes and lockers in Dubai offered by Godrej and Booil have a high rating and will keep your documents and valuables protected for a long duration.

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Why to Invest In a Fireproof Safe?

You never know when disaster will strike, so it’s critical to have a plan in place to protect your possessions. Globally, the frequency of wildfires and extreme weather events, such as storms and floods, has sharply increased during the past 50 years. Most of us agree that a fireproof safe is the best way to safeguard our priceless possessions. So rather than wait for calamities to happen, it is always a good idea to invest in safety and security.

But how do you choose one?

Here Are a Few Tips to Choose a Fireproof Safe

Enlist Things You Need to Store in the Safe

Before you choose the type of safe, you must list all the things you will be storing in it. Whether it will be jewels and cash or only documents, Accordingly, it will get easier for you to decide on choosing a good-quality fire-resistant safe that meets your needs.

See if Your Fireproof Safe Can Store Electronics

There is a frequent problem in many fireproof safes that most consumers are unaware of. The temperature differential between the interior and outside of your safe could lead to technical malfunctions that wipe out all of your data if you place a pen drive, CD, or DVD inside. It is crucial to take this into account while selecting the best fireproof safe.

Size of the Safe

The safe’s dimensions are one of the most important consideration factors. Do you intend to store it somewhere else, such as your basement, bedroom, or house? The sort of safe you need depends on the dimensions and available space in the room where the safe will be kept. Depending on your needs, you could get a floor-mounted safe or a wall-mounted safe. As mentioned before, the safe’s size should be suitable for the things you plan to store within.

Fireproof Safes are indeed a Good Investment!

Since fireproof safes available with Zayani & Co. from reputable and trustworthy brands like Godrej and Booil come with fire safety ratings, it is safe to say that investment in these safes is worth it. Not only will your documents stay protected in the event of a fire hazard, but they will also stay safe from burglary and theft when you buy a high-quality fire-resistant safe from Zayani & Co. in Dubai.

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