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Optimizer Plus – Push & Pull

Offices these days demand efficient storage space that is easy to use. The push-pull Optimizer Plus just does that. It is a space saving storage unit that can efficiently store all your important files and folder appropriately. Optimizer plus (Push-Pull) has a modern design that would be a great fit for any interior setting. It has C-shaped handles, which reduce effort and allow smooth movement of the units. This comes with an option of an add-on unit, which is then paired with the main unit to make it a twin bay. The frontside of the unit is perforated to allow proper air ventilation to avoid degradation of the files.

Comfortable Handle Grip
* The twin handles of the push-pull Optimizer have multiple surfaces for gripping the handle. This allows you to apply force from a variety of directions making it easier and more intuitive to operate the Optimizer.
Customized Back Panels
* The twin body unit has got 2 options for back panel in terms of solid back and cross member depending on your requirement.
Adjustable Shelves
* The shelf is designed in such a way that; it could be adjusted depending on the height of the product with 6 loading levels.
Ease of Access
* Each of the unit includes an identification tag to refer which makes it easier to access the files sooner.
Sufficient Ventilation
* Both the front and back panel are perforated to provide enough ventilation for the optimizer helping maintain the Optimizer temperature and avoid file decay.

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