Italian Luxury Outdoor Furniture in Dubai

In recent years, especially after the global pandemic of COVID-19, people have started embracing being one with nature and spending maximum time outdoors. From villas to luxury apartments in Dubai, outdoor spaces like pools, patios, and balconies are the highlight of any residential project.

Dubai, with its year-round sunny climate, is loved and adored by expats from Western societies as people get to soak up the sun and take maximum vitamin D. With an increasing number of plush apartments offering sophisticated outdoor spaces, the need for decorating outdoor spaces has risen sharply across UAE. If you are looking for the right type of outdoor furniture in Dubai for your space, then Zayani & Co. has many luxury offerings for you. Our top outdoor luxury brands are Nardi, Maffei, and Scab. In this blog, we will take you through the different products of these three brands available to us. So read until the end.


Nardi is a luxury Italian brand founded in 1990. Today, with over 30 years in the luxury outdoor furniture industry, Nardi has proven itself as a reliable and trustworthy brand across the globe. The brand supplies furniture to more than 115 nations. With its high-quality products and innovative designs, Zayani & Co. first introduced Nardi balcony furniture in Dubai and then the rest of its entire product range. Below, we will show the unique features of Nardi outdoor furniture:

Quality Craftsmanship

Any brand that has consistently led in its niche is the result of consistent quality work. Nardi Zayani & Co. is proud to collaborate as the brand has, from its initial days, focused on building high-quality products focusing on quality craftsmanship.

Whether you are looking for a Nardi outdoor table in Dubai or any other type of Nardi outdoor furniture in UAE, you will find sophisticated designs that meet international standards.

Diverse Range of Collections

When you are looking for high-quality outdoor furniture in UAE, having multiple design options from one brand is like a boon. You can match your design theme with multiple varieties and options. Be it sunbeds for sale or stools, sofas, or any other furniture, you will find plenty of options with Nardi at Zayani & Co.


Maffei is yet another high-end luxury outdoor furniture brand from Italy. The company was established in the 1930s, and ever since then, the name “Maffei” has been synonymous with luxury across the globe. They have a presence in more than 90 nations, and they initially launched their garden furniture in Dubai along with Zayani & Co. and slowly entered multiple other niches in the outdoor furniture segment in the UAE market. Let us look at some of the things that make Maffei a well-loved outdoor luxury furniture brand in the UAE and across the globe.

Exclusive Products

Maffei manufactures a variety of Italian-made umbrellas, cushions, covers, and accessories. Their focus is to provide high-quality items created from the finest materials to satisfy a variety of consumer needs. In a competitive market like Dubai, offering exclusive products is one of the strengths a company can have. Maffei understands the Dubai market well and offers some of its best products, along with Zayani &Co.

Many of the products offered by Maffei are patented, unique, and constructed of high-tech textile materials, making them exceptional in the UAE outdoor furniture market. Every year, as a result of a careful analysis of the market and emerging needs, Maffei brings innovations and exclusive goods in collaboration with Zayani & Co.

Maffei’s Sustainable Approach

Maffei is very concerned with the environment. The raw materials sourced and the end products created by the brand follow EU regulations and are free of any dangerous or harmful substances. The majority of the leftover fabric and scraps at its manufacturing units are used to make the free shopping bags that come with their other products. As we read above, Maffei is constantly trying to innovate and upgrade to better materials. Over the past couple of years, the brand has made several attempts to utilize fiberglass in its umbrellas and related products. Fiberglass, being a much more durable, powerful, and long-lasting product, is a good alternative sustainable solution. The blue and white Maffei umbrella in Dubai is one of the top-selling products of the brand in the UAE market.


Scab is a contemporary Italian outdoor furniture brand in Dubai known for its innovative, practical, and stylish designs. If you are looking to add a modern and sophisticated touch to your outdoors, then buy from a wide range of Scab furniture at Zayani &Co. in Dubai. Let us look at some things that make this brand extremely appealing to the UAE market.

Modern Design Elements

When you talk about design elements, the brand Scab is all about cutting-edge style. Dubai is a thriving city that welcomes expats from nearly all parts of the world. To meet the growing demand for high-end luxury outdoor furniture in Dubai, Zayani & Co. collaborated with this luxury Italian brand.

Scab designers mix simple shapes, striking hues, and cutting-edge materials to produce outdoor furniture like sun loungers, sofas, and more that are not only practical to use but also stylish. Scab’s designs will turn your outdoor space into a chic, modern haven, whether it’s a bright chair or sun lounger in Dubai.


Dubai’s weather gets extreme during the summer, with high temperatures and frequent sandstorms. In such weather conditions, outdoor furniture can easily get damaged. The furniture from Scab is made to survive these extreme circumstances. That is why, when it comes to furniture for cafeterias in Dubai, Scab is the number one choice for most designers and architects. Your investment in Scab furniture in Dubai will last for years because the materials used by Scab are resistant to UV radiation, dampness, and wear and tear.

Concluding Lines

The outdoor recreational areas in Dubai have evolved from basic patios and pool areas to luxury hangout places. Italian luxury outdoor furniture companies like Nardi, Maffei, and Scab provide a wide range of solutions for designing stylish and cozy outdoor spaces. Buying these brands adds a touch of Italian perfection to your outdoor living spaces.

Buy exclusive luxury outdoor furniture from leading brands with Zayani & Co. Contact us to get more details.

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