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Sentinel is a new range of Security Doors to help banks, businesses and financial institutions meet their base level security requirements. The Sentinel Doors are recommended for small to medium size installations requiring safety.


  • Protection Against Fire
    Godrej Double Duty Barrier material provides reliable protection against fire.
  • Protection Against Burglary
    Inaddition to Double Duty Barrier material, the locking area has been given added security with an armour plate.
  • Sentinel Door Slab
    The thickness of the overall composite slab is 25 mm made of a layer of flame and burglar resistant material which provides reasonable protection against fire and attacks of drill . This composite layer of Godrej Double Duty Barrier is a proprietary material developed by Godrej's R&D team. With an overall thickness of 120 mm, this special protective layer is over the locks and other vital parts of the door.
  • Door Frame
    Tested quality 5 mm thick M.S. plate is used for fabricating the one piece bent angle door frame. For strength and rigidity, the door frame is suitably reinforced along the height and width. A special jamb is bolted to the frame.
  • Locking System
    Two numbers superior quality dual control high precision 8-lever locks made of brass levers and actuated by phosphor bronze springs.
    The locks are further protected by highly sensitive spring loaded re-lockers on both the locks which ensures deadlocking in the event of an attack made on the locks. The entire locking area is protected by an armour plate which offers high resistance to drill attacks.
    Optionally we can also provide a UL listed 4 - Wheel Mechanical Combination Lock, Electronic Lock or Biometric Lock.
  • Automatic Re-locking Devices
    This feature offers additional security, in case an attempt is made on the locks. This sensitive device gets actuated automatically and the door is deadlocked which cannot be opened.
  • ExtraTough Bolt Work Mechanism
    To secure the door, 4 active shooting bolts (each of 32 mm) are provided on the front and a full length rebate bar on the rear side which slides behind the tough "solid-jamb" rebate.The bolts can be activated simultaneously by the movement of the handle.
  • Impact Resisting Shaft for Handle
    Attractively designed, convenient to use handles are fitted on an impact resisting shaft which is meant to defeat attempts to hammer it.
  • Grille Gate
    A well-designed grille gate is provided, which is secured with a Godrej high precision 8-lever lock, operable from inside as well as outside.

Need for Sentinel Doors

  • Bankers and Businessmen today are facing the ever increasing problem offire & burglar security. This need is often fulfilled with a locally fabricated steel door. These doors are highly questionable when it comes to performance and consistency and have often failed under attack or fire. However, due to site related issues large and heavy Vault Room Doors cannot be used. This problem has been efficiently tackled by Godrej, with their experience of over a 100 years in the security field.
  • Godrej has introduced a new range of Security Doors to help banks, businesses and financial institutions to meet their base level security requirements . The Sentinel Doors recommended for small to medium size installations requiring safety.
Main Door Class 1
Overall H x W (in mm / inches) 2032 x 1017
Suitable for wall thickness 120 (mm)
Clear opening 1882 x 773 (mm)
Net weight with grill gate 350 (kg)

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