Godrej Motion Chair

AED 651.00 AED 787.50

  • Product Code: High Back
  • Availability: 2-3 Days

Enhanced freedom of Movement

Adjustable /Fixed Arm rest

Adjustable Seat height 

Back Tilt Limiter

Motion chair's Easy Flex is an innovative system that enables the user to adopt dynamic body movements while seated. This flexibility , combined with an adjustable counter pressure, ensures optimal back support for the user, access a range of seated postures.

The unique Flexing and  springback motion of this chair is a result of an involved design construction and hi-tech compounded engineering plastics. The seat and back of this chair are firmly connected to the base frame and are cantilevered in a way that allows multi-dimensional movement 

Height x Width x Depth ( in MM) 995 - 1088 x 760 x 760
Seating Height (SH) 445 - 538 mm

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