Essential Security Features to Look for in Vault Doors

Are you planning to buy a vault for your safe room in Dubai? Buying a vault door is a very vital decision that will affect the security and safety of your valuables for a longer period of time. That is why, before you begin your search for the right vault door, you need to understand the essential security features it must have. In this blog, Zayani & Co., which is one of the leading distributors of branded vault doors in Dubai, will take you through a detailed guide to what you must look for and what you must not look for when buying a vault door in Dubai. So read this article till the end and share it with your colleagues to help them make an informed decision.

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Thickness of the Vault Door

Whether you are planning to construct a safety room or panic room for your office, you need to install heavy steel walls in your vault door. The entire idea behind the construction of a vault room is safety in emergencies or during an attack. So having thick steel walls is extremely important and the number one safety feature you should look for when you go to buy a vault door in Dubai.

The reason for this is that a thicker steel door weighs more, and in an emergency, a thin, flimsy steel vault door is the last thing you want. The thickness of the steel is particularly crucial if you are purchasing a door with an internal lockout mechanism to establish a “panic room.” Something that can fend off an onslaught better is what you desire. Any vault door made of steel plate that isn’t at least a quarter of an inch thick should not even be taken into consideration. Again, though, the thicker, the better.

Heavy Duty Hardened Steel Locking Bolts and Bars

The strength of a steel security door, no matter how thick, depends on the bolts or bars holding it closed. The thickness of the steel didn’t matter if your locking bolts were so weak that even a 2×4-inch wrench could open them easily. So even if you get 2-foot-thick steel doors with weak bolts and bars, they can be forced open easily. Thus, at Zayani & Co., we highly recommend our clients get heavy-duty steel locking bolts and bars into their vault doors.

You need the thickest, heaviest, and strongest steel construction for your locking bars and bolts. Conventional locking bolts only have a 1″ diameter, but you should get more protection. Vault doors available with Zayani & Co. in Dubai are constructed with unique military-style locking bars. Instead of being riveted to an angle bar like standard bolts (which are easily destroyed by determined pry or impact strikes), these solid bars are constructed from a single piece of steel, giving immense strength to the entire safety room and the vault door as well.

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Fire Protection

It might surprise you to hear that not all safe rooms are made with fire safety in mind. But even if your safe or vault chamber is made of reinforced concrete, this is a major error. You will need a safe room that is more than simply sheetrock and studs if you want to save your priceless belongings from toasting like marshmallows in a fierce home fire. As the initial line of defense against heat and fire for the contents of your vault room, your vault door also requires significant fire protection.

The insulation, the steel, and the seal are the three main components that contribute to a vault door’s fire safety. Even locker rooms need to have strong fire protection in them. The time it takes for the tremendous heat of a fire to pass through increases with the thickness of the door and steel. Insulation is thus equally important when you consider buying vault doors in the UAE. By resisting both conduction and convection, the insulating layers in a vault door help keep heat from entering the space.

Internal Lockout Mechanism

If you want to use a vault or safe room as a possible “panic room,” this is an essential aspect. It is feasible to prevent anyone from opening the vault door from the outside by using a lockout device. The way it operates is that after you enter your safe room, lock and latch the door, and then pull a lever or activate a mechanism, the external keypad or dial is turned off. It is not feasible to unlock the door from the outside thanks to its inbuilt lockout mechanism. Even someone with the combination to your vault door won’t be able to open it from the outside because of this incredible feature Godrej security doors have. Thus, when you consider buying vault doors, you must buy one that has an internal lockout mechanism. This feature not only keeps your valuables safe, but it will also keep your staff members protected from potential danger in the event of an attack.

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Accessories and add-ons

Safe vault doors can be made more functional and secure with a variety of add-ons and accessories. These improvements are meant to enhance the user experience while providing further security to protect valuables. The locking mechanism is among the most important hardware components to take into account. Electronic and mechanical locks are available for vault doors. Faster access is usually possible with electronic locks, which also frequently include extra features like time delays and numerous user codes. Options for mechanical locks are renowned for their dependability and toughness, and they could demand less upkeep over time.

Zayani & Co. Has the Right Vault Door for Your Needs

So whether you need to buy a vault door for a commercial space such as a bank or office or your home, at Zayani & Co., you can find different types of high-quality and high-strength vault doors that will be a perfect fit for your safe room, locker room, or panic room. Get in touch with our team to buy your vault door today!

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