Griffon: The Vault Door Experts and Fire Resistance Safes in Dubai, UAE

Dubai is synonymous with glitz, glam, and luxury. It is not just a city of glamour, but a city where businesses take place. Such a perfect city needs safe and sound security solutions. This is where Griffon vault doors and fire-resistant safes come into play.

In this blog, Zayani & Co. will take you through a detailed account of why Griffon is regarded as an expert in vault doors and fire-resistant safes. So read the entire blog until the end without missing any parts.

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Let Us First Take a Look at the History of Griffon

Established nearly three decades ago, Griffon has established itself as a reputed brand in the field of security solutions not only in the UAE but also in Europe and the rest of the world. Griffon is the brand name headed by PARITET-K-Ltd., which is the parent company of the Griffon brand. Other brands under the mother company are Hunter, MySafe, and Paritet-K. Griffon is the market leader in Ukraine in the field of safety and security solutions. Its products are exported to 45 countries around the world, and the UAE is one of the major importers of Griffon safes and vault doors. The brand also manufactures equipment required for hunting and weapons related to it. Many factors contribute to the reliability of the brand. One of the major factors is the high-quality materials, strict attention to detail, and quality control policies followed in the manufacturing processes.

Admiring high-quality production, Griffon Zayani & Co. introduced this robust brand to the UAE market almost a decade ago. Ever since then, Griffon Vault doors and safes in Dubai have been highly regarded and are one of the most demanded products.

Why Vault Doors are needed?

Before we get into details about the Griffon brand, let us take a look at why vault doors are needed.

Safes have certain limitations, i.e., a safe cannot be as large as a room. Many institutions and organizations require safe rooms to store their valuables. The most common examples of this are banks and jewelers. Banks require strong rooms to store cash, which is usually in large volumes. Most big and small jewelers store their precious gems, rubies, and metal jewelry in strong rooms, and only specific display pieces are kept in the showroom. Vault doors are used to seal safe rooms or strong rooms across the world. For a vault door to be safe and reliable, there are many specifications and considerations. The company also has to follow all the international guidelines laid out by international associations. Griffon Brand has consistently proven itself to be a quality manufacturer of fire-resistant safes in Dubai as well as vault doors.

Let Us take a Look at what makes Griffon Experts in UAE

High-Quality Raw Material

When it comes to the selection of raw materials for manufacturing fire-resistant safes and vault doors, Griffon does not compromise on quality. Premium-quality, superior steel in high gauges is utilized by Griffon in manufacturing different products. Griffon vaults and safes have unique characteristics such as fire resistance and burglary resistance due to the use of high-quality materials.


Griffon is aware that each customer has specific requirements, and common products cannot serve everyone well. Especially when it comes to vault doors. That is why the Griffon brand provides custom-made vault doors that let you pick the dimensions, materials, and locking systems that best meet your needs. In addition, some of their safes in Dubai can be customized as well. You can visit Zayani & Co. stores to get further information about customization.

Modern Technology

The technology of today is updating rapidly, and so must our security systems and the products we use on those systems. Griffon uses the most recent technical innovations, such as biometric access control and remote monitoring systems, in their vault doors and other box safes. When you buy Griffon products, you will have total control over your security as a result of this technical approach.


Griffon’s vault doors, safe, and safe boxes are made to last and are extremely reliable. They are built with premium components, raw materials, and careful engineering, so they can survive even the most determined attacks. Security systems must be made in such a way that nothing can affect them, and Griffon vault doors as well as safe boxes in Dubai stand true to this fact.

Fire Resistant Safety Br Griffon

Compliance with Fire Ratings

Griffon’s safes have a variety of fire ratings, allowing you to select the level of protection that best meets your needs. These safes can keep your valuables safe at temperatures of up to 1,700 degrees Celsius. So you can be worry-free and have a sound sleep knowing that your expensive possessions are lying safely in a Griffon fire-resistant safe in Dubai.

Different Sizes

Another aspect that helps with fire resistance is the availability of different sizes. Griffon offers a wide range of different sizes that can meet your needs. Whether you need a small safe for your house or a big safe for your business, you will always find a good option with Griffon.

Anti-Theft Features

Just like their vault doors, Griffon’s safes have superior locking mechanisms and drill-resistant materials as anti-theft features. So with a Griffon safe in Dubai, you can rest assured knowing that your valuables are stored safely.

Concluding Lines

Griffon is a well-established brand that has been offering multiple safety and security devices in the UAE market for many years. Buying a Griffon vault door and fire-resistant safe is like making an investment that will last a lifetime.

If you are looking forward to upgrading your premises security, then contact Zayani & Co. for fast installations and affordable security devices that will last you for generations.

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