Different Hotel Safes in Dubai to Include in Your Bedroom.

Whenever we visit a hotel there are several security measures in place to protect the occupants and their valuable belongings. However, when it comes to homes most people have a couple of locking features for the main door an electronic gate maybe and that’s all. A safe is a must-have piece of equipment in your bedroom if you have a large inventory of precious stones, jewelry, important documents, and similar stuff. While many people may assume that hotel safes are good enough only for hotels they can be great bedroom safes too. At Zayani & Co. you will find a large collection of different types of safes and safe boxes in Dubai from reputable brands.

In this blog, we will take you through the different types of hotel safes in Dubai that can be included in your bedroom equipment. So read this entire blog till the end and share it with your friends and family who are building a new house or buying an apartment and looking for security equipment.

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Electronic Keypad In-Room Safe

Many well-known hotels and resorts have this kind of hotel safe as standard equipment within the rooms. It works incredibly well to deter theft and safeguard valuables. This kind of safe would require a portable computing device to open. Additionally, it can be utilized with a computer to print audit reports as needed. If you live in a studio apartment in Dubai the small and compact yet prudent electronic safe from Godrej or Booil offered by Zayani & Co. is the best choice for you. You can even find options in fire-resistant safes when you look at an electronic keypad in-room safe. This compact safe is excellent for storing documents as well as cash and jewelry. In the electronic keypad in-room safe there are two major types. Let us take a detailed look at those two types below;

1. Electronic Keypad Safe with Keypad Override Access

A “sequence” is utilized as an override instead of merely a PIN for this kind of hotel safe in Dubai. They also make use of a detachable chip that provides access to crucial information. These hotel safes function just as well as in-room electronic keypad safes. This type of safe is excellent if it is to be stored in a home office or even in an office where multiple people may have access to it. When considering purchase options you may consider Booil safe in Dubai. This reputable brand has been in the business for a couple of decades and has an impressive track record. You can be rest assured and be in peace after purchasing an electronic keypad safe with keypad override access from Booil.

2.Electronic Keypad Access With Manual Safety Key

Compared to electronic keypad safes with keypad override access and electronic keypad in-room safes, this kind of hotel safe with a manual safety key offers less security than the two other varieties. The date and time of the override entry are the only records that may be made with this in-room safe. It needs shifting the safe in addition to using a key and an override code. However, if only two or at max three people have access sot this safe and it will be tucked away safely in a secure place then one may consider investing in this type of safe in Dubai. You can explore Godrej as well as Booil safes at Zayani & Co. that are electronic and provide optimum security. A decade ago these types of safes were very popular around hotel rooms across the world and yet are quite commonly used as bedroom safes by plenty of people.

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Manual Key Safe with Safety Key Access

A manual key safe is an outdated style of in-room safe, and it is becoming uncommon in many hotels. Electronic safes have typically already taken the place of this type of hotel safe across the world. However, many reputable hotels still utilize this type of safe on their premises. While these types of safes are already scarce, they are typically used to keep valuables safe from fire hazards. We wouldn’t recommend buying this type of safe unless you have a particular vintage theme in mind. If you are looking forward to buying such a particular safe in Dubai then you may contact Zayani & Co. and our team will arrange it for you.

Biometric Safe

Biometric safe is one of the most recent innovations in the world of security and safety devices. Biometric safes use either or both the fingerprints and iris scans of humans to give access to the safe. The safe can be programmed to give access to one or more persons depending upon your choice. These safes are compact and give easy access to whoever is using them. The reason these safes make for good bedroom safes is that if you tend to forget your PIN or passcode or misplace the key often even then accessing this safe is easy. You can even give access to the safe remotely with the help of an internet or satellite connection. If buying a large safe is too much for you then you may also opt for buying a safe box in Dubai for you.

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Concluding Lines

You are passing up a chance to improve the safety and security of your bedroom if you haven’t yet made the investment in a good quality bedroom safe. It’s a piece of in-room technology that will potentially lead to a safer home for you. A leading distributor of all types of safes and security devices in Dubai Zayani & Co. can offer you dependable and superior options to choose from.

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