Creating Perfect Outdoor Spaces with Nardi, Maffei & Scab Furniture from Zayani & Co.

Dubai is one of those cities that experiences sunlight throughout the year. With such a beautiful climate and atmosphere throughout the year, you have to make the most of your outdoors. You can create landscapes and add water bodies to them, such as a pool, pond, or any other water area. You can decorate this outdoor space with high-quality furniture. Whether it’s a small balcony, a spacious backyard, or a rooftop terrace, your outdoor space can be transformed into a comfortable and stylish space with the help of quality outdoor furniture from Zayani & Co.

Apart from chilling and spending leisurely time, you can host parties and entertain people in your outdoor spaces. If you are looking for quality outdoor furniture in Dubai, then Zayani & Co. has some of the best and most premium options from reputable international brands like Nardi, Maffei, and Scab. In this blog, we will share some amazing tips to decorate your outdoor space. So read till the end.

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Add Unique Furniture to your Outdoor Space

Adding furniture to an outdoor space is one of the first and most important things you can do to create a perfect space. Especially if you intend to have people and guests in that space, make sure you add high-quality and utilitarian pieces of furniture, such as a sun bed or a sun lounger. Even if the space is small and there is only room for 2–3 people, furnishing is still important since it helps create the right atmosphere. You will find Italian balcony furniture in Dubai at Zayani & Co.

When it comes to outdoor furniture in the UAE, a table, a two-seater, and a pair of single chairs are the must-have pieces. However, if you have a large enough space, you may add more pieces to match the style and theme of the rest of the house. From sunbeds for sale to sun loungers at a discount, you will find many options at affordable rates with Zayani & Co.

Add a Water Body to Your Outdoor Space

Dubai indeed has sunlight throughout the year and almost 8–9 hours each day. However, Dubai is also one of the hottest places on earth. So when you plan on having outdoor space in the city, you must do your entire space with the help of professionals.

Professional architects and interior designers will not only design your space but will also make it ergonomic and useful for you. When it comes to utility, what can be better than adding some premium-quality furniture pieces to your home? You can buy the Nardi Sun Lounger , the Nardi Alfa Sun Bed, or the Maffei Umbrella.

Most interior designers and architects prefer using sun loungers in Dubai, and most of them prefer using premium international brands like Nardi for their clients. Reputable international brands make high-quality furniture that can stand the test of time even in extreme conditions like a sand storm, heavy rain, or high temperatures.

Use Flowers in Your Outdoor Space

Fresh flowers are usually a wonderful addition to any outdoor space because they not only freshen up the aesthetic of the space but also add a subtle fragrance and a fresh pop of color. You can also consider using artificial flowers if you don’t have much knowledge of gardening or time to maintain plants and flowers. Flowers are such a great piece in hot climates that many cafeterias in Dubai specifically use a lot of flowers in their space.

You may either put flowers in unique pots, and vases or get creative and use other containers, such as wicker baskets or even old cooking pots, instead. When it comes to plants, the options are virtually endless; just stick with your favorites, and your patio should look active in no time. You can add an accent to your flowers with lavish garden furniture in Dubai. Zayani & Co. has one of the largest collections of garden furniture in Dubai from Italian brands like Nardi, Maffei, and Scab.

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Create a Comfy Corner in Your Outdoor Space

Instead of making your entire backyard into a posh and lavish space, you can reserve a certain spot for reading, and don’t worry if you don’t read; you can call it a comfy corner, a relaxing corner, a yoga corner, or any other thing you may like to call it. You can simply unwind after a long day in that corner. Don’t forget to add a hanging swing or a hammock to make your corner look super comfortable and inviting. Zayani and Co. has many stylish and aesthetic swings from Nardi, Milano, and Scab that will look perfect in your backyard or any outdoor space.

You can also place a long lawn bench with a soft duvet, decorative pillows, and comfortable sheets in a corner to get the same effect. Outdoor lounge chairs in Dubai work great too, especially if you have a swimming pool in your outdoor space.

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Add Correct Lights

Adding lighting is a wonderful way to lighten any space and give it a classy appearance. The best and simplest way to decorate any outdoor space is by hanging string lights. Since you can customize them in so many different ways, string lights are fairly affordable, and you can create a lot of different things with them. For example, you may drape them across a wall or wrap them around some plants for a more aesthetic appearance. If you want to be creative, you might even put them inside transparent buckets and pots; it will create a very stunning look. For a more traditional outdoor look, decorative lamps and lanterns are also fantastic additions.

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Concluding Lines

It takes the right type of outdoor furniture in Dubai and ideas to create the perfect outdoor space. Italian outdoor furniture companies Nardi, Maffei, and Scab provide a wide selection of outdoor furniture, each with its distinctive features. Buy exclusive pieces from premium brands at Zayani & Co.

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